We didn't get much time to talk to you, but my husband and I wanted to say how much we appreciated your entertainment at our twins birthday party. We are still amazed at how you managed to keep nearly thirty little ones mesmerised the whole time. Everybody really enjoyed the show and all went home very happy.99
  Serena & Steve


Childresn Party fun

What makes a GREAT party...

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A few tips and tricks to help make the day go smoothly.

Who do I book first the entertainer or the Hall? Every village has either a Village Hall, Scout Hut, W.I. Hall, Primary School Hall, Church Hall, Parish Council Hall, Cricket/Tennis Club Venue etc but there are very few villages which have an entertainer. Always check the availability of the entertainer before you book the Hall. 

What do I do if I was planning on having my child's party outside and the forecast is for a rainy day? Magic Martin loves performing outside providing the weather is fine, but if the weather is not good you will still have a stress free party if you have booked your entertainer because the whole party can be inside and you will have covered all options.

Put balloons up outside so that your guests know exactly where the party is as they approach the venue.

Keep present opening until after the party is over. Agree with the birthday child where the presents will be placed - on a present table for example.

It is a shame when not much party food is eaten, so if possible try to arrange your party around the children's meal times. A lunchtime or teatime party is ideal.

Make sure your guests know exactly what time the party starts and finishes.

Don't invite more people than you can handle or have room for.

Distractions distract, please try and keep the party room free from toys where possible, perhaps a sheet over the top of toy boxes etc. It is also a good idea not to give the children whistles and hooters - party bags are the best place for these.